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scan. create. cast.

icast is the first patented application that works with any projection device allowing you to easily create designs for personal or business use and cast those creations onto one or many surfaces-from this one device.

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How does the icast work?

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Choose Your Areas

Use the icast projector along with our patent-pending software to automatically scan one or multi-areas; then send those scanned areas to our app and get creative!


Choose from a library of colors or create your own and/or add animations and graphics and bring your spaces to life!

Make Memories

Cut the hassle and expense of hanging lights every year or hiring pros for trade-shows and events. The icast will do the hard work so that you can focus on creating  new traditions. 

About Us

Lyracast's journey to create the icast began with a dream from founder Dana Comradd. Helping to further the dream is her husband and co-founder Rob. Between the two, they have over 30 years of combined award-winning creative experience. 

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CMO, Co-founder

Robert Comradd, Jr


Award-winning creative and design motivator. Lover of blue and proud member of super dads club.


Dana Comradd

CEO, Founder

UX expert and AI / Machine Learning designer and enthusiast. Lover of purple and proud member of super moms club.


Below we’ve provided some basic info about icast

How do I buy an icast?

The icast is not yet available for consumption-but we're in the process of raising funds to get the product to manufacturing and into consumer and business' hands.

How do I invest?

We are reaching out to investors but are ready to demo the icast to tech investors interested in helping us get to market and disrupt the AR Projector segment

How do I get a demo of the product?

Simply send us a request below with your contact info and we'll set up a demo for serious investors

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